Connected Packaging : the new communication canal

Boost your brand, product of company communication with Smart Packaging!

This strategy is what you need if you want to give added value to the products you sell, your brand engagements, your collaborators/partners, etc.

Use of diverse media supports means you can adapt the message to the way the information is disseminated. The multiplication of these different canals can, in some cases, be a bit bewildering for your clients. From a strategic point of view its necessary to build a clear logic and cross canal bridges from one support to the other, so as not to repeat yourself.

The best way is to guide your target and clients towards the information they want to see first. You have to take them by the hand and direct them towards the support that best presents your concept. It is at this precise moment that smart packaging or connected packaging comes in.

What is connected packaging ?

Smart packaging or connected packaging is packaging linked to a Smartphone or to web based content. This smart packaging must give your brand/company what it takes to attract, surprise and seduce consumers by giving them a new user experience. Technical innovation must be at the service of information access, the key element to a successful communication.

Through a web connection, your printed packaging support becomes connected and interactive. Consumers then access a whole new level of information and new connected experiences.

Using a permanent sustainable QR-Code, NFC tag or other contactless technology, your packaging becomes an animated media and gives you the possibility to go beyond the relative limits to the free space on your packaging. The packaging then becomes the media that opens up onto a whole new world presenting your brand/product/company, etc.

And thus Smart Packaging is born ! Contact us to explore what smart packaging can do for you.

How connected packaging works

Hi there ! I recognize you ! Did you like the biscuits you bought last week ? I see you are south of London – you speak French – it’s raining and it’s soon your birthday. How about this quiz and here’s the address of the nearest repair shop for that product.

That’s what will happen tomorrow when a consumer will put his Samrtphone to packaging. It will recognize the mobinaut and will be able to propose even better services based on a number of criteria.

Today, you need to help your client to access the RIGHT information immediately and spontaneously. You need to build a relationship as close as possible to the nearest product and sales outlet. And all that in a fun and smart way.

With smart packaging, you’re opening a whole new world to your clients who will live new experiences to be shared and relived. Your packaging bursts out of it’s physical and technical limits and opens up to a vast world of multimedia interactivity and content.

Uses of smart packaging

The most powerful thing about connected packaging is that it adapts to your needs. Each company/brand/product is different and requires an adapted strategy to it’s singular and relative needs.

Smart packaging can help you direct your customers to web sites, social media, apps, etc. You choose the destination your packaging’s contactless technology leads to.

For food products, connected packaging can also come in the form of smart or connected labels. This is serious leverage to reassure your customers that should never be neglected because it can make all the difference with your competitors.

Uses of smart packaging are vast and it’s main force reides in the d-fact that a universal packaging can open onto more specific worlds whether adressing a child, teen, adult or family. Each user can find things adapted to their needs.

For the best possible experience, it needs to be personalized : that’s waht smart packaging allows. By tapping into the different information about your client’s behavior, you can offert hem the adapted content : customer experience with then be excellent because you answer their needs and whims. You give your client the sensation that they have a privileged relationship with your brand and thus encourage customer loyalty.

White paper

Discover the keys to Smart Packaging in our white paper

In our white paper, we will define what a connected object is and what you need to look out for. Why a connected object needs your Smartphone and what smart packaging can bring you.

We will scan the different contactless technologies available, from the QR code to NFC tags through virtual reality. And we’ll throw in a brief panorama of mobile payment solutions.

A behavioral analysis on young mobinauts will show you how today’s mobile marketing and geomarketing trends are being confirmed.

We will take a look at the question of choice of investment and the existence of judicious alternatives to the mobile application. We will present you with a few ideas about using QR codes and NFC tags, illustrated by a few client examples. And lastly we will conclude with a Quiz to help you determine the maturity level of your mobile communication strategy.


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